Wandr Sparkling Tea Infusion - Peach Matcha

Wandr Sparkling Tea Infusion - Peach Matcha

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New from Muskoka Brewery!

Alcohol-free Sparkling Tea Infusion - Peach, Blueberry & Matcha "Lively"

Format Cost per can
24 x 355mL can $1.89 $45.36
12 x 355mL can $2.00 $23.99
6 x 355mL can $2.17 $12.99

Explore your sense of Wandr, with a thirst quencher that's up for all of life's adventures.  Crafted from our brewhouse, Wandr is a refreshingly tart, tea-based beverage that is alcohol-free.

Naturally caffeinated, this Wandr is perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up. Bright and sweet nuttiness from matcha is a perfect pairing with juicy ripe peaches and slightly tart blueberry notes.

Contains: Barley

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