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The Canoe

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This package includes:

  • Indoor/outdoor draught unit (1 or 2 taps)
  • Muskoka tap handle
  • Twelve (12) 20oz pub glasses
  • Sleeve of plastic cups
  • A sleeve of coasters
  • Muskoka umbrella
  • C02 unit
  • Initial set up of draught unit
  • Wooden Muskoka Brewery crate.
  • Two (2) line cleanings for the first season
  • Weekly delivery as needed 

    Delivery Zone: To see if your cottage is within our delivery zone, please click here and enter your address. Please note that the delivery area is approximate. If you have any questions regarding the delivery zone, please email or call our Dockside Specialist.

    Payment & Terms: Once payment is accepted, you will be contacted and an online link will be sent to you to sign our Terms and Conditions and Delivery Address information. If you are outside our delivery range or do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, we will fully refund your purchase. If you would like to have a look at the Terms and Conditions now, click here

    Orders & Deliveries: Deliveries will take place from Monday to Friday. Depending on your location and keg orders can be placed by email or call our Dockside Specialist. All information, including times to order, delivery of merchandise, and times for keg delivery will be provided to you after your purchase.

    *Your initial payment includes the above. Additional CO2 refills, glasses, plastic cups, coasters, and line cleanings are available at an extra cost. Cost of kegs are not included in the above. No charge weekly deliveries between May 1st and September 30th.

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