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We feel lucky to call Muskoka home and to be part of such a special community. In this unprecedented time we want to make things as easy (and safe) as possible for our beer drinkers to get the products they love.

Grab your order from the brewery in 5 easy steps! 

  1. Order here, wait for your second email, indicating pick up ready.
  2. Pull into a Beer Pick Up parking spot and call the taproom (705-646-1266). 
  3. Provide proof of age 19+ through your closed window.
  4. For your safety and ours, please wait until our team has left the vicinity.
  5. We'll place your order nearby for you to load into your car. This includes 20L kegs, so designate some muscle to help you out.
  6. Enjoy your Muskoka creations in the comfort of your own home! Share your favs online and tag @muskokabrewery or @muskoka_spirits and tell us what you think of our latest releases (we’re missing you guys :)).

Pick up hours: 12pm to 6pm.
Operating hours: 9am to 4pm

We're real busy fulfilling orders! Please do not order online from the parking lot and expect immediate service. Anticipate 2hr turnover during operating hours from the time you place order.