Our Story

Nestled in the heart of Muskoka, Muskoka Brewery handcrafts premium beverages as unique and refreshing as the region they’re from. 

Founders Gary McMullen and Kirk Evans kicked open the doors of Muskoka Brewery in June of 1996. Starting off on Taylor Road in the heart of Bracebridge, we built long lasting relationships with the community and changed the beer scene in Muskoka. By 2012, we had outgrown our beloved space, choosing to move to a bigger home on Muskoka Beach Road where you can still find us today.  Currently owned and operated by Todd Lewin and Bob MacDonald, what started as a very small and dedicated team has quickly grown to a passionate band of beer lovers more than 130 strong 

At Muskoka Brewery, we’re about more than great beer. We’re about the road less traveled, and taking the long way if it means a better view. We’re adventurers at heart, and we’re not afraid to venture off the beaten path.  

In 2015, we purchased a still that will allow us to distill a line of spirits as unique and premium as our beers. Since then, we’ve been continuously learning and experimenting, all to bring you the same quality in Spirits and Canned Cocktails you expect from our beers.   

Breaking new trail in 2021, we launched Wandr Sparkling Tea Infusions, our first foray into Alcohol Free beverages.  

In short, we have a passion for crafting iconic experiences and we hope you get a chance to enjoy it. 


Interested in learning more about our journey from our small brewery on Taylor Road to now? Check out our History. Check out our Archives 

Contact Us: tap.room@muskokabrewery.com OR 705-646-1266 ext 1. 



There is only one Muskoka. It is a special place where rugged granite outcrops and lonely windswept pines meet the shimmering beauty of freshwater lakes. Unspoiled natural beauty is what people find here in Muskoka. This place is our home. It is at the heart of what we brew. 

Drink in the feeling.



We are Muskoka Brewery. We are here to make our mark in beer and spirits. To make a difference in our communities. Proudly crafting iconic  Canadian experiences, one glass at a time. 


We work hard and are unwavering in our beliefs. The connection that we feel to this place has made us strong and determined to win. 


We support each other and together we make our three communities a better place…our team, our neighbourhoods, and our industry. 


We draw inspiration from the natural wilderness that surrounds us. Our brands are a reflection of us; genuine and unfiltered. 


Our diversity makes us stronger as a team. We respect, share and learn from each other. We laugh and celebrate together. 


We are leaders that venture off the beaten path to forge new ways of doing things. That is how we are built.