Purchasing Beers Online

Why does it cost extra to ship my beers?

Our shipping rates include Canada Post fees and our cost to create the package.  We use weighted rates from Canada Post and add a signature and ID requirement (to make sure your package gets home safely and into the right hands). Our costs include the box and any packaging material we lovingly wrap your beers in.

Will you be adding other beers or spirits in the future?

We can’t wait to add more offerings online in the future. Keep checking our website and our social media pages so you’ll be the first to find out when we launch additional products!

Can I add beer to my merchandise order?

Absolutely! You can add beer to your cart just like any other item on our Hop Shop – everything can be purchased together.  Keep in mind, if you purchase beer, you’ll need your ID to receive your order from Canada Post.

Do you ship outside of Ontario?

Unfortunately, we don’t ship beer outside of Ontario at this time.  There are complicated laws limiting where we can ship alcohol, and a hefty charge to do so – something we hope will be made easier in the future.

 What happens if my beer is delivered and I’m not home?

If you aren’t home when Canada Post brings by your package, you will get a notice to go pick it up from your closest Canada Post office. You will also receive shipping and delivery notifications via email.

 How do you control delivering to minors?

When we say we have a beer for everyone, we mean everyone legally allowed to enjoy our beverages. We require Canada Post to obtain a 19+ ID and signature from you to receive your package.

Who do I contact if there’s an issue with my order?

Please contact tap.room@muskokabrewery.com, or give us a call us at 705-646-1266. We’ll make sure we find a solution.

Beer Club

Why am I paying more than if I buy a 4pk at the Brewery?

 At Muskoka, we make sure that the ingredients we use in our beers are the best products available, and they sometimes cost more than lesser quality ingredients. Our Moonlight Kettle beers often use specialty ingredients – oysters, tequila barrels, vanilla beans – which makes them more expensive to brew. We also want to ensure you receive your Moonlight Kettle Series beers in the best way possible, which means we charge all our subscribers an average flat shipping rate to make sure you get them quickly. We always want to keep our costs low to you, our fans, but shipping straight to your door from our Bracebridge Brewery can sometimes be expensive.

Can I add on other swag from the Hop Shop to my beer club order?

Absolutely! You can add your Little Dipper or Big Dipper to your cart just like any other item, then continue shopping, and checkout when you’re done.

Contact: tap.room@muskokabrewery.com or 705-646-1266